Privacy Policy

At Hokis Solutions, we are pledged to protecting and safeguarding the policy of our users. This Privacy Policy describes what happens to the personal data of our visitors that they provide to us, or the data that we gather from you at the time when you visit our website. We keep this policy updated from time to time, so make sure you consistently visit our page regularly to stay updated about our company’s policies.

The data we collect while running and sustaining our website we may gather and process the following information about our visitors:

We make use of the information that you provide to us so we can provide you services. Moreover, we may utilize this information for one of the following reasons:

No matter public or private, your information will not be exchanged, sold, or leaked to any other company or third party person in any case without your permission other than for the evident reason of providing you the services you purchased.

Storing your personal information – Sending over the data via means of the Internet is not completely secure, therefore we cannot guarantee that information you send us online will be secure. However, once we receive the information, it is totally secure since we make sure to execute suitable methods to store the data safely.

Cookies usage – Cookies are a small piece of information that is used to provide details about the computer used for accessing the website by the visitor. We may need to utilize these cookies to collect your computer’s information in order to help us serve you in a better way. These cookies are downloaded and stored on the hard drive of the computer. These cookies cannot be used for personal identification, instead they provide statistical information. You can choose to disable or enable cookies in your browser settings. Our promoters may also use cookies that we have no control over. These kinds of cookies will be automatically downloaded once you click on any ad on our website.

We are legally required to abide by the law; therefore we can not disclose your permission to any other third party company or person without your consent unless it is legally required to disclose it.

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