Private Limited Company Registration

Private Limited Company Registration

We will provide you complete guidance on how to register a private limited company. This is new popular and an amazing way of setting up a new business in India. Read further to know more about registration procedure for private limited company.
We follow 3 simple steps to get you the private limited registration:

1) First, we will assist you register directors of your company with the (Ministry of corporate affairs) MCA.
2) We will guide you to choose the best company name for your firm.
3) We will assist you draft the company’s AOA and MOA.
That was it. The private registration is done with that last step. Now, we will assist you get the PAN and TAN for your company.
We will assist you get 0 Balance Current Account for your company.
Kindly fill up the form below so our legal advisors and experts can talk to you about company registration procedure.

An overview - Online registration of your company

Private Limited Company is one of the most recommended way to setup a business in India. This sort of organization registration offers limited risk for its investors with specific restrictions set on the ownership. A LLP has companions, who manage, own and deal with the business. While in private limited organization, directors might be not the same as shareholders.
Get your company registered today to get tax benefits and funding. We provide legal consultancy and provide quick registration services all across India.

1) Offer you sufficient guidance to choose the best company name for your organisation.
2) Get the directors of your company registered with MCA
3) Draft the MOA and AOA for your company.
You will receive the Certificate of Incorporation (COI) along with TAN and PAN post approval of registration process. You can also open a current account with the COI and start your business.

Why you should choose us?

1) We help you get more customers for your business
2) Protect you from personal liability and secure you from other risks.
3) Assist you procure goof investment from dependent investors with much ease.
4) Provides greater stability factor and asset protection.
5) Enhances the chances of you to grow larger and expand your business quickly.
6) Help you get Zero Balance Current Bank Account

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